Vintage Wild Soul – Masterclass & Jam Session

Vintage Wild Soul is inspired by a song I wrote before I began my shift into awakening. Deep in struggle, the lyrics were my desperate plea for my vintage soul, the one underneath all of the conditioning, heartbreak, and struggle, to come take control. I felt like my vintage soul was so far away from who I was at the time, I yearned for her light, her vibrancy, her joy… I hadn’t learned about this world of awakening yet, but my soul knew the craving was coming from deep within. I rediscovered the song this year in my archives and finally recorded it, only this time it held so much more meaning to me than before.

I have curated this group to help unleash your own vintage wild soul, to help you feel supported and seen as you cultivate a loving relationship with yourself and your loyal wolf pack, in sisterhood. We don’t play by the rules set for us; we know we are so much more than bodies, mothers, or wives.

We are WOMAN.

We are wolves.

We are wild.

We are free.

I want to harness this amazing femme genius that we all possess to create that life of vibrancy and joy that lies beneath the layers of wounding and protection.
It’s so important to me to create a beautiful space where we can share about our work, our lives, our struggles, and our wins. An opportunity to witness and be witnessed. I want to create a safe space for us to gather together, a place to cultivate sisterhood.

Welcome to the wolf pack.

Vintage Wild Soul is a four week workshop on a pay what you can basis, due to the holidays and covid.

Sundays, 8:00pm Eastern Time:

January 3rd – A wine and vision board hang session, where we will get clear on our visions for 2021, and I will share with you my manifestation process that took me from lost to boss in one year.

January 10th – An intention setting new moon gathering.

January 17th – A self-compassion crash course.

January 24th – A guided meditation painting session.

Registration is now CLOSED. 🙏