A year ago, I stood amidst boxes and paint cans in my bare office and wrote furiously as tears blurred my vision. I was tired, I was lonely, I felt empty, broken, unsteady, and unsure of who I even was. I was completely disconnected from myself, plugged into a source outside of myself. I didn’t want to feel this pain anymore, the responsibility was too much with too little reward.

This was a huge turning point for me, because this is when I realized that I’d been looking at everything in my life through a filter. Once the rose-colored glasses came off, I could be more objective and see that my life was in need of a total demolition and overhaul. Part of this overhaul was finding purpose, which I found in coaching – the heart and soul-led profession that I had been doing my entire life, without even knowing there was a label and entire industry out there that defined my heart’s yearning to help nurture and cultivate others. I immediately turned to journaling and manifested the perfect coaching school into my life.

Fast forward to today, and I’m graduating from Life Coaching school with the amazing Beautiful You Coaching Academy. What an amazing journey this has been.

What are some key points of learning I’ve taken away from the past year?

Detachment and true energetic sovereignty. I am detached from the future or any end result, I surrender to the Universe, to God, to Source, (to whatever you want to call it, because it’s all the same thing) and I know everything will work out because the Universe has my back. I am safe.

People may not like the new you, the healing version of you, the powerful you – release them. Over everything, make sure you like yourself.

More self-compassion and self-love are the keys to happiness. When you love yourself, you invest in yourself, you take care of yourself, you are fully equipped to show up in the world as your best to do the most good.

Ego death. Serve your purpose without your ego getting in the way, speak freely with love, not with pride. If you notice you’re speaking from a place of ego, just stfu. =)

Every trigger you experience is an opportunity to heal something. If you’re feeling triggered, dig into yourself and reflect with intense honesty. People are mirrors.

Genuine confidence and validation within myself. I do not need anyone else to validate my feelings and if someone is in a constant state of minimizing my intuition, bye Felicia.

Mindset matters! What we believe and speak to ourselves and others becomes our truth and experience. Nearly everything I wrote in my journal to manifest into my life in January has come to fruition since! If you want it; write it, speak it, embody it! Law. Everything is energy and frequency; I choose to radiate on high levels and magnetize in all of my desires. It’s all happening! Magic is real!

To be a learner for the rest of my life and come at all things with a beginner’s mind to further my expansion.

Books are literally life expansion packs. People are so amazing and inspiring, with so much wisdom to share. Read more, mindlessly scroll less.

Intentions and words are spells. Abracadabra, honey! Live intentionally, set goals for yourself every day.

Rest is just as important as productivity. Create space to recharge! This is a non-negotiable.

Collaborate, do not get stuck in comparison. Every amazing human you admire raises your frequency with their own. This is why it’s so important to watch the company you keep.

Live as art, beauty. It is your birthright. As my baby business has been evolving, I have gone through many phases as I try to sort out who I am, my niche, what I teach, what’s important to me, and who I want to portray myself as. Turns out I’m an intricate art project with infinite layers; whether I look in the mirror, at my IG, or at my website, there is beauty and art, music, and love to be found everywhere. I live to create and I am the creator of my own happiness.

Clarity can be found within. Tune into the body, it will never steer you wrong. Learning to listen is an art form that anyone is capable of.

Meditation and nature are my medicine, my soul-food, my fuel.

I’m forever grateful for this journey and knowing that this is only the beginning of my journey is so exciting and awe inspiring. I can’t wait to look back on this day a year from now to witness the changes, leaps and bounds I know are to come. I’m so thankful for every beautiful soul that has stood by my side in one way or the other throughout this journey. I have made life long friends with humans that my heart has been waiting to be reunited with for lifetimes. I see you, loves. I am so amazed by you, and I’m so honored to witness you blossom and accomplish greatness. Together we rise. Your presence in this world makes my heart sing.

I love you so much.

I am devoted to gratitude. The heart quenching elixir of the Universe. I want to drink it in and bathe in it. When we want to call in more amazing magic and goodness into our lives, gratitude is the key. I know it’s hard not to get wrapped up in negativity or feelings of lack sometimes, but it’s a trap. Let gratitude consume you.

Whether it be the perfect matcha latte in your own kitchen, the extra hour of sleep you got over the weekend, your cat purring happily on your chest as you read a great book, the satisfaction and contentment of building your dream life with your soul-mate, or launching your own business – feeling liberation and freedom. Nothing is too big or too small. Welcome all of the juicy abundance into your heart, fueling your soul.

What beauty surrounds you? Get high on gratitude with me.

In this moment…

I feel at peace, aligned, though we ebb and flow, for now I choose to be present with these high frequencies, those brilliant feel-good vibrations. The angels surround me and support me, breathing abundance into my lungs. I know I can create anything I need. I know I am moving in the right direction. I’m thankful for this moment of clarity and release.

I’m thankful for the courage to express myself, my truth, and for the opportunity to move through the emotions that went along with that truth. For a long time, I hid behind a hard, outer shell; a fear shell, an emotionally unavailable shell, a victim shell. I couldn’t feel anger for many years, I just lived in sadness and expressed it as numbness, allowing it to build into resentment. I’m growing now, learning to express and feel more deeply, and the growth is measurable when I can sit here today feeling more at ease, knowing I weathered another storm and yet here I stand, wiser.

I’m grateful for all of the amazing humans on this planet that are doing their part to be conscious, spreading love and healing like magic in the atmosphere, I can feel them. Casting ego to the side and living with empathy and integrity. I see these souls shining brightly in the world, standing out from all the rest and they make me feel at home. I’m so thankful for community, sisterhood, knowledge, and collaboration. We rise together and it’s beautiful.

I’m thankful to the people that have shown me their true colors; teaching me lessons of self-love, worthiness, and boundaries. I honor these experiences and notice that I am healing. I step into my truth and choose to live with purpose and life. I feel liberated and at ease with myself and others.

I’m thankful for the mountains; they call to me and I am filled with wonder, reminded of the adventure and mystery that is yet to come in my life, yet to be explored. Life is so full of twists and turns and I can’t wait to experience them. I breathe in the forest and am reminded of my wildness, my connection to the earth, the plants, the animals, the moon. And each other.

I’m rushed with gratitude for the many humans I’ve crossed paths with in my life, learning new information and forming new experiences. I’m shifting my perspective and finding hope instead of despair. There is so much beauty to be found in the hearts of those around us, we just get blinded by the darkness and we shield our eyes from the light. Take the blinders off, don’t fixate on scarcity. Fixate on abundance, the choice is yours.

I’m thankful that my toddler napped today, giving me the opportunity to tune into ritual. To ground in, to feel deeply and be present, calling in guidance and inspiration to write what my soul needed to express. To decorate my ears with sound and cleanse the air with smoke. To tune into Spirit and remind myself that I am one with all that I AM.

I’m so honored to be trusted by each and every one of my clients, they amazing me every single day with their immense growth and drive to better their lives. Gifting themselves with love and compassion. I’m so thankful to be a witness to their golden truths and celebrate their wins. These beautiful souls lift up my own, we build each other up and grow together.

I’m so thankful for you. For your support throughout my journey and for your own motivation to do your own growing and expanding. I think you are so capable of anything and worthy of love and affirmation. I see you fully, I love you deeply, and I honor your journey. Thank you for being part of mine. ❤

There’s a lot of doubt that arises when I discuss the Higher Self with the skeptics and sometimes, I get frustrated by the atheist energy in the air. Ha, I know, I know…if you know my story, you’ll recognize the irony in that – coming from an ex wounded AF girl that used to claim atheism out of fear, hurt, and a lack of direction.
I ran away as fast as I could from organized religion that I landed straight into the arms of jaded rejection of literally EVERYTHING. I even denied the concept of ghosts or spirits, even after experiencing strange phenomenons for many years. It took me a long time to soften to the notion of more and it took me even longer to heal and realize that spirituality and religion are not the same thing.
Spirituality is found within; your inner knowing, your truth, connection, your higher self. I get so excited and I want to share what I’ve been tapping into, but I realize that what is key in my current journey is not for everyone and not everyone is ready to talk about it.

This has been an intense year of manifestation for me, but when filters are applied, it’s hard for others to recognize – and that’s totally okay! We all perceive the world through our own filters. That’s their journey and this is mine. One big thing I’ve come to grips with this year, is that it’s not my duty to change anyone else’s perspective. In fact, it’s not my place to do so. A lot of times I’ll witness my clients passionately protest their lack of getting other people to understand their woke point of view, “They just don’t get it, I want them to understand!” And I totally appreciate that frustration, I see the love, the yearning to spread awareness, and the fire behind what makes them feel alive, I’ve felt the same way many times. But…a lack of understanding is a person’s right during the journey of their own human experience. We’re all at different points in our life of understanding and connection.

Be a light in the world, live your truth.

I’m feeling a deep call to surrender, it’s been a strong theme for me this year, to focus on my own growth, to live and let live. Everything will be ironed out eventually. In the meantime, focus on being as energetically contained as you can and do your best.

What is meant for you cannot pass you. When it’s time, each of us will learn the lessons we’re meant to learn, other people don’t function on our timeline. Bless and release it, focus on yourself, their time will come – whether it be in this life or the next. ❤

I was laying in bed the other night thinking about the concept of old souls, struggling at times with the depth of feeling and sensitivity that I have to others when a lightbulb went off for me. We incarnate to live the life we choose that coincides with our soul’s contracts; crossing paths with people we are meant to cross paths with and learning lessons our souls came here to learn. It appears we may even choose our race, gender, and parents before we are born – signing up to come to this earth to learn specific lessons from them that will benefit our soul’s personal growth. I believe the people we know that are wrapped in bitterness and judgement haven’t lived as many lives yet, they may not have the capacity to grasp as much compassion and empathy as you, and that’s okay. Old souls have empathy in copious amounts and we want to heal and spread love. Others may be caught in bitterness and selfishness today, but this does not make them bad people and it doesn’t make you or I any better than anyone else – we are all in different places on our own journeys and we were once in their shoes as well, and also, we have much more learning to do of our own – focus on that. The learning never stops. Don’t get wrapped up in the lessons that aren’t meant for you, the Universe has got your back and the Universe has them covered as well. When someone triggers you, use that trigger as a mirror to look within to see what else you need to heal. We all get triggered, no matter what season we may be in or how old our elaborate soul may be. Turn to compassion and banish the need to control or judge.

Keep growing, keep expanding, keep it up, my love. You’ve got this. We’re all on our own individual journeys and it would be silly to assume everyone is at the same point. We all bring so much exquisite diversity to the table, helping each of us expand in different ways.

Everything I write here are lessons to myself. ❤

I love you.