And so it is. An anthem.

Smudging my page. Settling in Feeling this vibe as it rises within Mama’s tired but I’ve been hustlin Letting it come and letting it go Trusting myself, I’m in the flow Asking for miracles every morning Forgiving the switch ups without warning I’m growing, evolving, I’m doing my healing I’m stronger, I’m clearer, I’m down […]

Growing Pains + Growing Gains

This time last year I was journaling about my yearning for community. I was new on my journey home to myself and I felt isolated. I wanted more, I wanted to make a difference, I wanted to grow and heal from my past, I wanted to have purpose and feel fulfilled, I wanted to build […]

Heal, Release, Repeat: Closing Another Chapter

Trigger Warning: Self harm, suicide, abuse. I didn’t expect the feelings I felt as I watched this old tattoo on my wrist disappear… I felt a little choked up. I felt a little freedom. Release. I felt ready to move forward. I also felt sad as old memories flooded me, I found myself reaching back […]

Transparent AF: Parenting Struggles + Negative Thoughts

The hardest times produce the most growth, just ask the butterflies. Aura Henre, spoken while happy and feeling free. I said this yesterday, but it rings truer today, in this moment. Because in this moment, this place is a shit show! As a parent to strong willed toddlers, do you ever feel like you’re just […]

Acceptance – Feel It All

I want to speak to the hearts of those that crave to be seen and heard. I want to embrace the women that feel lost, empty, broken, and alone. Because I feel that.I’m her.I have been her for my entire life. This journey back home to myself is never ending. I heal, dig up old […]

Powerful Life Hack: Manifesting Abundance

Picture this. Your car’s been broken into for the third time this year, you work an unrewarding job that you hate and you believe that hustle and grind is the meaning of life, you feel that people are generally untrustworthy, selfish, and out to get you. If you claim that people can’t be trusted, you […]

Drop into The Body – An Exercise

I’ve been working on another layer of healing lately. Learning to really practice what I preach and drop into the body. We live in a disconnected society and often spend so much of our time abusing and belittling our bodies instead of bathing them in gratitude and love – and we are programmed to do […]

Devine Feminine – the Phoenix Rising

Carving pumpkins is one of my favorite Halloween traditions. A festive art project. This year I decided to go in without a plan and to carve intuitively and the result was the Devine Feminine; rising from the flames. A goddess rising – as a Phoenix rises from the ashes. This is the perfect representation of […]

Bring Your Sacral Chakra Back into Alignment with Pleasure + Play

Hi, my name is Aura Lillian Joan and my sacral chakra is out of balance. I have difficulty playing. Sometimes I have a hard time experiencing pleasure and it’s something I’m really working on right now. And sometimes I struggle with slowing down and being present. The sacral chakra is your pleasure center; creativity and […]

Reflection, Lessons, Celebration, + Love

A year ago, I stood amidst boxes and paint cans in my bare office and wrote furiously as tears blurred my vision. I was tired, I was lonely, I felt empty, broken, unsteady, and unsure of who I even was. I was completely disconnected from myself, plugged into a source outside of myself. I didn’t […]


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