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When I began this series, it all started with this painting of the Sacral Chakra. I had just come home from the doctors office, having received confirmation of my endometriosis. I was consumed by judgement of my feelings, because I was feeling broken, flawed, and sad that my body was betraying me – and I felt as if I shouldn’t feel any of those things. Conditioned to suck it up, I couldn’t allow myself to grieve. But then I turned to art for therapy, as I often do. I painted this as a reminder of my magic, my connection to my body. I called my sacral back into alignment with creativity and play, pleasure.
No matter what you’re going through, you’re allowed to feel your feelings, let them flow through you and release them.
As some of you know, I have the Throat Chakra tattooed on my throat. This is my second favorite of this series, because it represents my business, my awakening journey home to myself, and the key to helping me reclaim my power.
When I think about the throat chakra and what it represents for me in this season I feel my heart flutter. In Human Design, I am a Manifestor with a defined Throat center. The throat is all about speaking your truth and I had been self-imprisoned and locked away from speaking that truth until I began an intense shift, over the past year especially. I am shedding layer after layer as I heal my relationship with myself and begin to truly own who I am, authentically, without fear or facades. I own my truth. I speak my truth. I live it…to heal myself and the collective souls that need support and guidance as they heal themselves as well. Join me, let’s figure this shit out together. I’m on a journey of reclaiming what I had lost through years of societal programming. Deconditioning and deconstructing everything, evaluating my why’s and digging deeper. This throat chakra is opening, I’m becoming more aligned with my truth and my soul’s purpose. I’m no longer living in shadows or looking at the floor as I walk. I’m no longer holding myself to standards I did not create myself. I am no longer looking outside of myself for validation. I am worthy. I am safe. I am rebelling. I am creating. Manifesting.
Your words are your wand.
The Solar Plexus is your seat of emotion, confidence, and willpower. I love this piece, because it feels like home. It reminds me that I am intuitive and connected with myself, it reminds me of my power.
Here are some powerful affirmations to balance this chakra point:

I release judgements of myself and others

I AM worthy of love, kindness, and respect.

I AM the embodiment of inner peace and confidence.

The fire within me burns through all blocks and fears.

I honor the power within me, I honor myself.

I AM motivated.

I AM strong.
The Root Chakra is one of the most vital for me, because it is so easy to become unbalanced and fall out of alignment. We are living in a complacent world that is more disconnected than ever before, now is the time to really tap into your root, become rooted in the earth, grounded.

You are safe, you are safe, you are safe.