Hello and welcome, my love!

Are you ready to reclaim your power and step into genuine worthiness and self-love?

My name is Aura Henre. I am a transformational life coach with an intense passion for empowering beautiful humans to reclaim their lives after a lifetime of being taught that validation lies somewhere outside of themselves.

I spent my childhood growing up as a conservative preacher’s kid. With all of those years being held underneath a magnifying glass, I quickly burned up like an ant. At a young age, I found myself on my own, unprepared for the real world, abandoned, naïve. I was prime stomping grounds for abuse, the perfect target. I hopped from place to place and struggled to discover who I was, skipping from toxic relationship to toxic relationship. I eventually found myself isolated for many years of my adult life, stuck in cyclic fear and self-consciousness, and to be frank — I sat there in stagnation until last year. I looked outside of myself for everything. I waited to gauge my responses to things off of the reactions of others. I looked at the ground when I walked. My insecurities and fear allowed me to become a total hermit. And the craziest thing was that it all happened under my nose without me even realizing it. I was that frog, happily sitting in lukewarm water that began to boil. When I was awakened to my current state, everything came crashing down. I had to make changes.

After a lifetime of struggle, I realized I needed to alchemize all of the pain I’d experienced and lived through into something good. I guess it was an ah-ha moment for me, where I realized I could forgive and release the past, instead of allowing it to rule how I lived, but not only could I do the work and forgive, I could also reclaim what had been stolen from me. But as it came to pass, I also learned that nothing had ever been stolen, because all of the magic I had within me was already there. Always. It had never gone anywhere; it had simply been buried. Buried by layer after layer of social conditioning, religious based shame, abuse, fear.

 As a cancer sun and cancer rising, I am a born nurturer…it’s in my soul. I’ve always felt so drawn to being a shoulder for people to cry on, an ear for people that needed support, and an encourager to all…because I felt their pain. I knew what it was like to feel broken and lost, to feel invisible, to feel powerless, useless, and shattered into a thousand pieces. What I wanted to do, was shift myself from sitting in a pool of tears, into action! Action, now.

When someone first asked me to be their life coach, I was so taken aback. For one, I didn’t know about the life coaching industry yet. And second, I felt so unworthy! How could be a life coach for other people? I’m so flawed! I decided to hire my own coach to see what it was all about and what unfolded was titanic. I realized that I had never felt so fully seen before in my life, no one had ever listened so intently to my struggles or encouraged me so beautifully, and I knew I had to pay it forward and give that gift to others as well. I enrolled into coaching school immediately. Turns out, yes…I am riddled with flaws, but to be honest, I kinda revel in them these days. I’ve learned how to release the need to please everyone and I’ve established my own personal boundaries.

I reclaimed my life as my own. In my car, I drive.

Listen. We don’t exist to be the supporting role in someone else’s life. We don’t exist to work at a job we hate until we die. We don’t exist to bend over backwards to meet everyone else’s standards or needs around us. And we most certainly do not exist to play small in the name of humility. You are here to live YOUR human experience, not your spouse’s, not your mother-in-law’s, not your children’s. Fill your cup so full it overflows and quenches the thirst of those around you, because that is how you can live your fullest life and also show up fully for those you care about. You deserve that reclamation and I believe in you so deeply.

Let’s dive deeper! Let’s uncover your soul. Let’s talk about support, let me show you what it feels like. I will never claim to have all the answers, but I know you do. You hold the keys to your truth, so let’s get our metal-detectors out and start looking for the keys. I can’t wait to see the treasures you unearth within. You are truly magical.

And I love you.