Calling in September Vibes

I woke up this morning with a placid smile on my face, it’s September 1st! And tonight, is another luminous full moon, how perfect, the potent energy of this moon is calling in profound divine reconnection to self. Calling us to ground in and come back to center. We are shifting on a cellular level as a collective right now, the evolution in so many is undeniable and it’s a magnificent thing to witness.

The brisk air filtered in through my window as I laid in my bed, a layer of fog sauntered along the grassy hills, suspended softly like clouds. As I sit down at my computer this morning, tapping away at the keys, these words pour from my open heart and I feel rejuvenated. There is something so refreshing and enchanting about this time of year, the fresh air is already hinted with notes of bonfires and haybales. I can almost taste it.

Okay, I know, I know…it’s still technically summertime, and don’t get me wrong; I love bike rides in the sunshine, crystal clear lake water, and hiking beneath a canopy of maples, walnuts, and sycamore trees as golden rays of sunshine beam through the leaves – reminding us of all things whimsical and magic as laughter and gleeful screams bubble all around. But my cancer sun and rising soul thrives in this cool and tantalizing air, come with me for just a moment. Let me paint your mind with cozy blankets and sacred cacao in my favorite mug, as I write sensual and magical stories of awakening and love.

When I think about my most happiest of places, where I feel the most alive, it’s on a four-wheeler with a dented thermos of hot chocolate strapped to the hood. Red, yellow, and orange leaves, green pines and ferns whip past me in a blur as I ascend through the hills that call to my yearning heart. Cool wind in my face, Canadian air in my lungs, and the exhilarating rush in my chest as I fly down the trails. My soul craves for those northern hills more than anything.

September is the beginning, the doorway into that magical place where things begin to turn inward. And inward is where I’m called to be these days.

We spend so much of our valuable time in summer-like expectations that we set for ourselves; produce, produce, produce, energy on high, on the move, hustle and grind – we have become so wrapped up in our heads that we often forget to drop into the body, how to feel. We’ve been tricked into thinking that summer is the only acceptable season for us and we lack self-compassion when our soul yearns for us to nurture it and go inward towards hibernation, calling us to release things that no longer serve us, begging for old patterns to be put to death. If our world is allowed to produce and rest, so are you. We must.

I’ve begun to look at my life similarly the Mother’s earthly seasons. We are one, so beautifully and intricately connected to the plants, the animals, the moon… It makes perfect sense that we would ebb and flow, just like the ocean’s powerful tides. I realized that sometimes you have to bare it all in order to come back to earth to propagate your roots into the rich soil of the Mother, She is always there to lovingly guide us back home to ourselves to become centered once again.

Today I challenge you to drop into your magnificent body. Take a moment to lovingly document the things you love about it. Check in with a mental body scan, compassionately noticing how it feels and reacts to things throughout the day. I promise it will tell you things you didn’t notice before, but above all else, wield your thoughts and inner reflections with self-love and compassion, note where you need to rest and where you have the capacity to expand.

I love you with my whole heart.

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