Live As Art, Beauty. It is Your Birthright.

What does it mean to live as art?

For me, it’s breathing in the tantalizing pleasures of all forms.

Writing something that feels like sticky, sweet honey dripping from my heart, my lips, my mind…

Painting a playful piece of art, making a mess, reacquainting yourself with your inner child – your soul’s purest form, nurturing and holding her.

It’s reveling in your accomplishments, owning your truth, paving the way for anyone in your wake. The wildness of owning your full and whole self is so provocative, it makes my mouth water after a lifetime of dying of thirst; depth, nourishing connection, beauty without any “goods” or “shoulds”.

Living as art is dressing in something that channels my inner Aphrodite – embracing my femininity, my curves, my softness.

It’s recording a slow and sensual sound clip of beautiful words and poetry…inviting in all of the warm and soft vibes that I get when I replay it.

It could be tasting every delectable note in a piece of dark chocolate, it could be pink rose quartz in my bath, a sacred yoni egg practice infused with self-love and healing, or observing smoke swirling and dancing in the air – breathing it all in, allowing the scents to relax you and fill your cup.

Living as art is releasing the pressures of society or religions, releasing what you know about surface level sex and sensuality, casting them to the side to just be who you are at your core. We are deeper than the unfathomable ocean’s secrets, we hold so much wisdom within our bodies.

You are not your programming. We are much more than human, we are divinity in form. Feel deeply.


Slow down to appreciate the simple pleasures.

Feel your skin, leisurely.

Admire yourself exactly as you are right now.

Speak to yourself with love and compassion.

You are so worthy, my love. You are exquisite, I am so in awe of you, of me, of her…

I create my life, my perspective, my experiences, and I answer to no one.

I choose to find beauty in all things. I choose to live as art.

Make art, feel art, be art.

I am a woman and I am unashamed, untamed, wild. They have tried so long and so hard to rip away our grace, our power, our magic…to tarnish it, demonize it, and taint our beauty and diminish it to something so trivial and disposable.

You cannot dispose of something so raw as the sounds I can create with my voice, or the movements I create with my body as I arise within my feminine radiance. I’m not referring to sex, but life.

I am a woman. We are queens, goddesses, witches.

Society can do everything in its power to try to minimize the pure magical creatures that we are, but they will fail and we will prevail. The moon is on our side, we are one with her, she fuels us with her energy, she determines the tide’s ebb and flow of Mother earth and within each of us.

We are one.

We are art.

Live as art, beauty. It is your birthright.

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